Hardly anyone doubts that British cars, namely Bentley Continental GT and Rolls-Royce, have always been state-of-the art. They are famous for their reliability and excellent technical characteristics. Nevertheless, like any other automobile, they can be broken, damaged in an accident or an incident may happen to them and repair or replacement of some parts may follow. Our company Bentley Continental Grand Rolls-Royce House is eager to provide with any spare parts for both Bentley and Rolls-Royce in the required amount. Note that we offer only original parts produced by manufacturers, which guarantees their reliability and long service life.
Online retail stocks
You can easily find any part or component you need for your Bentley or Rolls-Royce in our online shop. We offer a great selection of spare parts including the ones for:
• engine;
• gear box;
• car body;
• cooling system;
• Fuel feed system, etc.
• Besides, we can deliver accessories, car body components, oils, tires, air conditioners, etc. on a by-order basis.
In case you cannot find the parts you are looking for in our catalogue feel free to contact our manager who will help to solve any of your problems. In addition, you can customize your order and send a request. Our managers will find the specific parts you need and will do their best to get them. Our online Bentley and Rolls-Royce shop can satisfy any customer’s needs and we can deliver inauthentic parts for a reasonable price if necessary.
Advantages of dealing with us
• We export parts and components for all Bentley и Rolls-Royce models. Due to the vast experience and long-term cooperation with our partners, we can manage to arrange uninterrupted supply of spare parts in practically no time. That means that your chariot will never stay idle.
Besides, we observe the following rules.
• Top priority is given to time and result. Our Bentley и Rolls-Royce parts online shop has a warehouse with a stock of the most frequently required parts. You can buy them on the same day you apply
• Strict observation of the price policy. We have never raised prices that is why our parts cost far less than that of the competitors. It has been achieved through high level of our personnel’s skills, as they are well aware of the market trends. Besides, their work is based on using of all corresponding advanced modern technologies. On top of that, the large turnover of spare parts enables us to keep prices under control. We should admit that our customers contribute to that as well and we are appreciate it highly.
• We always keep our customers informed. The order monitoring information is daily send to customers by e-mail, which certainly brings only positive emotions. In addition, you can monitor your order status through a special line.
• We provide with a warranty for all the purchased parts and components. We are confident in the spare parts and components we provide our customers with as we purchase them from the authorized dealer.
You can place an order for your Bentley and Rolls-Royce car by e-mail: info@primetechnik.com or through a telephone call to: +372-712-4410. Please, be specific in terms of your car model and technical characteristics to let our managers find exactly what you need.

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